Franchise stores


Darty is the market leader in France with 70 per cent of consumers within a 30 minute drive time of a store. The remaining 30 per cent of consumers represent an opportunity to further exploit the existing infrastructure of our multi-channel offer. Typically these consumers will reside in smaller catchment areas, usually below 100,000 inhabitants, where it is uneconomic to open a typical Darty store. To address these smaller catchment areas we established a franchise operation last financial year.

The independent owner invests to refurbish their own store to a Darty store, consistent in terms of both branding and offer with the rest of the store portfolio.  We charge the franchisee for the supply of product ranges and provision of home delivery and after sales services. A franchise fee is also charged for use of the brand and marketing support.

At the end of the financial year we had opened 43 stores including four overseas. Performance has been encouraging with significant sales uplifts and a net promoter score above the Darty average.  We expect to open around 25 additional stores in 2015/16, bringing the total to around 70 stores.